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    Adipex-P has been put to use as it has many benefits to the body of the user. One of the benefits is that it helps one in managing and controlling the appetite. Energy levels are also increased and this aids in making the user to be active as required. The sole purpose of the application of this drug is help to a person who is obese to lose weight effectively. The disadvantage comes in when one makes use of the pill over a long period of time. This is because the body develops immunity to the prolonged use of the drug thus the benefits derived reduce finally.

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    Adipex is therefore approved for a short period of time. For better results at the end, the drug has to be accompanied with appropriate diet, exercise and modification of behavior. This drug is meant to treat only one type of obesity. The first type is called endogenous obesity that is as a result of identifiable medical condition such as hypothyroidism. The second type is known as exogenous obesity. This is caused by eating too much while engaging little exercise. Adipex treats exogenous obesity only.

    In children, use of Adipex is not recommended even if the child is obese. The pill is to be taken before breakfast with the other alternative being after breakfast but this has to be either 1 or 2 hours later. During the medication, one has to avoid taking alcohol and driving due to the dizziness that comes along with it.


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